Measuring Your Area

Site measurement should be completed with a tape or laser measure.

Accurate area measurements are crucial for ease of installation.

How To Measure an Area Assessment Grid Paper

Site Preparation - Screeds

Due to laminate flooring being a "floating" floor, preparation for installation is minimal. The "sub floor" is the floor over which the laminate flooring is installed. Laminate flooring can be installed straight over
tiles, vinyl, concrete or natural stone. It is critical to ensure that the sub floor is completely level and that all imperfections have been removed. Upon removal of carpets, ensure old carpet nails are removed.  A straight edge should be used to ensure that the sub floor does not dip or sag in any areas and to check that the level of the sub floor remains consistant. Any holes that are larger than a five rand coin should be filled in. Be sure to clean the sub floor - removal of debris, dirt and dust must be completed prior to project commencement.

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