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Flooring Warehouse sells a wide range of cleaning products.

Laminate flooring must be cleaned using a dry micro fibre mop, broom or vacuum.  Flooring Warehouse produces a specially formulated laminate floor cleaning liquid.  This should be used in order to maintain cleanliness and flooring shine. The spray must be administered to the micro fibre mop head, and not to the floor itself.  Surface dirt and scuff marks are easily removed.  A small amount of white vinegar applied to the mop head every approximately thirty cleans will ensure that cleaning liquid residue is removed. 

Follow these steps to ensure your flooring remains well maintained.


Spills and stains are easily removed with a damp cloth. Red wine, oil, acetone, nail polish and similar products are no match for laminate flooring.  Our stain remover will further ensure a lifetime of good looking floors, as stubborn stains including permanent marker and paint will simply wipe away.

Indentations and Scratches

Rarely will furniture leave any indentations when sitting atop laminate flooring. In order to prevent damage, moveable furniture should be lifted and put into place rather than dragging and pushing items across the floor. Affixing felt pads to moveable furniture will ensure damage is prevented.

Unsuitable Cleaning Agents

The following cleaning agents are not suited to laminate flooring and will cause damage:

  • Excessive Water/Mopping
  • Waxes and Varnish
  • Bleach and Strong Solvents
  • Abrasive Polish/Cleaner

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive.

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